Our mission: Winning!

During my 15 years professional sports career as a handball player, I was that crazy fighter who always fought for every ball and every goal. Never surrender but respect the fellow sportsmen and always play fair. It’s in my bones and blood – genetics and wonderful parents, I suppose.

When I started my tourism career in my friend’s young, small incoming company I soon realized playing it fair and honestly also works in business, so people liked to work with us because we were not only catering professional services but also human touch and fun. Same as sports: we fight, we negotiate and after the job well done we go to a dinner not only as partners but as friends. The only difference in business we all can and must win at the end of each game!

12 years of hard trainings under other coaches brought the confidence and time I take over my own team. So, here we are: PasSport Europe – Your perfect score.

We do the work we do because we love it. We like the perfect match that sports and tourism are. We like the people we meet. We like the challenges we face. And we like to win. Not handball games as we did in our past, but satisfied, smiling and fun-to-work with partners from all over the world. Hopefully we cross paths in win our games & projects together. Tourism is a game where we all can win!

Founder and CEO,
Rok Bulc.